How do we enable malls to deliver sustainable innovation?

A brief background on AsiaMalls

AsiaMalls is one of Singapore’s leading mall operators with six malls island-wide. It was the first property management company in Singapore to participate in SPRING Singapore’s Customer Centric Initiative. Additionally, AsiaMalls is among the pioneer companies to receive the Pro Family Business Mark.

AsiaMalls was finding it increasingly difficult to stay relevant because customers were becoming more technologically savvy, preferring the convenience of online shopping to traditional brick-and-mortar shops. Recognising that innovation was not a one-off initiative but a constant sustained effort, AsiaMalls approached Savant Degrees to help them innovate and reinvent the shopping experience.

Embracing human-centered design

We worked closely with AsiaMalls’ management team as well as Asiamalls’ tenants to define what the future of shopping could be in a series of design thinking workshops. Through these workshops, we introduced the Design Thinking methodology and highlighted the importance of customers’ perspective. Equipped with the tools to empathise with their customers, AsiaMalls is now able to draw meaningful insights, continuously generate innovative ideas, and rapidly prototype new concepts for current and future investments.

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