F&B Revolution

How do we empower F&B merchants to maximise resources and efficiency?

The local F&B industry has been plagued with a shortage of manpower over the last few years, with F&B merchants finding it increasingly difficult to hire and retain staff. We worked with SPRING and MasterCard to springboard a nation-wide initiative, The F&B Revolution, to empower F&B merchants in Singapore by helping them increase sales, maximise labour resources, and reduce costs through the design of technology that works together.  

Redesigning the F&B front-of-house experience

Existing solutions in the F&B space currently work in isolation and can be both difficult and costly to implement. However, we believe that technology, when harnessed and integrated properly, can help to drive real business value and increase productivity. We started by immersing ourselves in the landscape to gain a deeper understanding of the pain points faced by the F&B merchants and their ground staff. We then used the insights to frame design opportunities in the front-of-house experience and proposed digital technologies to help reduce reliance on manpower and access new revenue streams.

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