How can project-based firms effortlessly store & share their project information?

In today’s knowledge economy, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information. Businesses are increasingly frustrated with extracting relevant insights and identifying intelligence from information scattered all over. While this paradigm shift unfortunately eliminates those that fail to catch up with the currents, at the same time it presents a new opportunity for those who are adept at riding the waves of this Information Age.


We make storing, locating and sharing project information easy

ProShare is an innovative knowledge management software designed to help project-based companies consolidate key information into one centralized web-based platform. We make it possible for everyone to have easy access to consistent and up-to-date project information anytime, anywhere. ProShare can instantly transform knowledge and information on company projects, people or partners into professional and sleek looking sales material, such as a fact sheet, roadshow deck, brochure or resume. With ProShare, there will no longer be a duplication of effort, outdated information, or lost data. What’s more, ProShare will enable your company website to always showcase your most up-to-date projects.

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