Aeroworx – R.O.X. Community

How might we design an organic online community for outdoor enthusiasts?

The Brief

Aeroworx is a 360° eCommerce Solutions Provider based in Manila, Philippines. Its primary clients are the brands and concept stores of its parent company, the Primer Group. It partnered Savant Degrees in 2022 to drive innovation and to solidify its position as a prominent player in the sport and fashion e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia

Building an Organic Community for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Savant and Aeroworx explored various avenues for direct-to-consumer experiences and researched recent consumer trends to enhance engagement among Primer brand shoppers. We also explored innovative concepts, such as frictionless shopping and O2O (online-to-offline) experiences through prototypes.

The result of this is the R.O.X. Community web app for R.O.X. (Recreational Outdoor eXchange) which aims to be the leading platform for anything outdoor in the Philippines. It has content to guide customers when pursuing outdoor activities, activities that they can join, and products that they can purchase.

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