Esplanade Mall

How might we offer a seamless ordering & reservation experience for mall tenants and visitors?

The Brief

Esplanade Mall is a world-class destination for performing arts as well as a hub for dining, retail and cultural experiences in Singapore. Esplanade Mall was looking for ways to enable their merchants to transition to online ordering to minimize the impact from Covid-19 measures. While a majority of their tenants were F&B businesses, their goal was also to include other business types such as music schools.

Introducing a More Seamless Ordering & Reservation Experience

Esplanade Mall partnered with Savant Degrees with the goal to create a seamless experience for their mall tenants and visitors. Together with Eunoia, we designed an F&B ordering platform which allows online ordering, advance reservations combined with convenient e-wallet payment options. For the public site, please refer to:

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