Frasers Makan Master “Mix & Match” Platform

How might we reduce the cost of delivery?

Innovation through the ‘Frasers Experience’

Frasers Property was looking to continuously innovate on their existing FRX app, which features an enhanced digital gift card experience where in addition to redeeming digital gift cards with their existing Frasers Points, shoppers can now conveniently digitise physical gift cards by scanning a digital gift card’s QR code and loading it to a FRx mobile e-wallet. 


Creating a New Mix & Match Experience

Savant Degrees was part of the team to improve FRX’s main food ordering and delivery. During the project, we work to launch Mix & Match delivery, which enables customers to satisfy their cravings in a single delivery order. Customers can choose from up to 3 outlets in a single mall and enjoy food conveniently delivered with just 1 delivery fee!

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