How do we design an omnichannel retail experience?  

A brief background on ToTT

ToTT is a retail shop which offers a one-stop location for customers who love cooking and baking. Faced with new challenges of communicating their brand to customers, they approached Savant Degrees for recommendations of new retail strategies.

Designing an omnichannel retail experience

We partnered with Awaken Group and conducted extensive research by leveraging on ToTT’s established customer base to understand their user experience. From interviews with their customers, we realised there was a misalignment between ToTT’s internal image of their brand and how customers viewed them. To address this problem, we held an innovation workshop with ToTT’s staff and management to envision their brand identity and how this translated to the ideal ToTT experience for customers. Furthermore, we also challenged ToTT to diversify from their brick & mortar model to explore online retail channels. This culminated in a detailed 3 year strategic plan for ToTT to bring the omnichannel retail experience to reality. ┬áIn particular, the development of ToTT’s e-commerce store has since been well received by their clientele.

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