How do we empower business decisions with Retail Intelligence?

A brief background on AERIAL

AERIAL is Savant Degrees’ ready-to-use turnkey solution, developed and enhanced using the experience gathered from our project with one of the world’s largest FMCG brands. It is a digital retail intelligence and sales force management solution for retailers, sales, and distributors of consumer goods ranging from appliances to cosmetics, and other FMCG. Clients can collaborate and sync up with their sales teams anytime, anywhere, with our AERIAL app.

A digital retail intelligence & sales force management solution

AERIAL enables seamless two-way real-time communication between you and your sales team through a centralized web platform and mobile app. Your field team worldwide can seamlessly deliver real-time sales related updates from the ground anytime, anywhere with our AERIAL mobile app; no matter if it’s sales performance, inventory status, customer feedback or even what your competitors are up to. LEARN MORE ABOUT AERIAL HERE.

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