Arthur Zaaro

How do we co-create a compelling brand story?

A brief background on Arthur Zaaro

Arthur Zaaro is a high quality, performance furniture house that specializes in customizable tiled furniture pieces that are designed and made in Singapore. Arthur Zaaro aims to build quality furniture that goes beyond being simply functional. Savant Degrees worked with Arthur Zaaro to help them capitalize on their assets to grow into an internationally recognized furniture house through collaborative innovation.

A new brand story

Through extensive interviews with Arthur Zaaro’s customers, we realised that they viewed Arthur Zaaro’s brand differently compared to the company’s internal image of themselves.

We saw it as an opportunity for Arthur Zaaro to represent themselves with a more compelling and holistic brand story. Besides a more modern redesign of the Arthur Zaaro’s logo, we also co-created the ideal user journey by enhancing every touchpoint that Arthur Zaaro has with the customer. In addition, we also challenged them to consider the potential of an online interactive e-commerce website which will enable them to reach out to a wider group of customers all over the world.

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