RSP Architects Phase 2

How do I tell my brand story using my portfolio?

A brief background on RSP

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (RSP) is one of the most established architectural practices in Singapore and the region. Over more than half a century, RSP has shaped the face of Singapore by designing numerous iconic buildings. Savant Degrees had previously worked with RSP to streamline their portfolio for their internal database. In the second phase, we explored how RSP could better represent themselves externally as well as internally.

Leveraging on RSP’s assets

The primary challenge of this project was to leverage on RSP’s existing assets to create a website that is fresh and immersive. We saw an opportunity for RSP to leverage on their internal database to seamlessly and effortlessly update their website.

With our customized digital solution, RSP no longer needed to spend additional resources to maintain their company website. Moreover, it also allowed RSP to easily share their rich collection of photos and the story behind each project.

Articulating RSP’s story

The next goal of the project was to help RSP articulate what defined them as a leading architectural firm. From extensive interviews with RSP’s employees and workshops with RSP’s management, we managed to articulate RSP’s unique selling point (USP). As a result, we aligned the entire company to a common brand identity that everyone was proud of. This set the direction for the fluid and responsive artwork design and content strategy which embodied RSP’s brand persona on their website. You can view their website here.

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