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Savant Degrees helps businesses stay ahead by
designing digital products that are strategically aligned to
business goals, user expectations and technical constraints.

Our Social Stream

  • Collaborating with PayPal to bring you a new way of payment into this region. Check it out! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/not-sure-what-problem/1358886.html
  • Ministerial visit to Coastes! Thanks for letting Savant Degrees be part of your story.
  • It's an exciting day when KK, currently the Co-founder & CEO of Gurusoft, joined SD as an expert consultant. As we munched on a delicious spread of ham and cheese, KK shared how our work shows our character and values. Every simple task can be meaningful if we add value to someone else's life. An inspiring session indeed.
  • Reasons to celebrate: Welcome party for Rheza, our colleague from Jakarta!